In Danubio Spa we are dedicated to provide our clients with the best therapeutic massages, body treatments and beauty treatments available, in a nurturing and peaceful environment in order to improve their well-being. We love going beyond your expectations, we want you to visit us and leave so relaxed and content you simply have to come back. We take pride in what we do, and we strive everyday to be the best boutique spa you can visit in Miami.

Our Services





Have you ever thought about how some sunglasses need your eyebrows to be ... perfect? (aka on fleek).

We are launching our eye lashes, eye brows and permanent make up services, this weekend! Restore the fullness of your brows with our natural looking microblading procedure. Shorten your make-up routine, give your eyes that cat-eyed look! Our procedures are customized for each client.


Want to relax? get rid of sore muscles? knots? sore feet? Come visit us and start the weekend the right way: relaxed and energized. We use essential oils mostly for 2 reasons: to relax your body and sore muscles, and help clean certain skin conditions. Certain oil combinations work extremely well for other conditions like migraines, breathing problems and digestion. All of our massages have aromatherapy included.